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Wawa cashier



Day and night I think of Wawa cashier
Sweet, sweet Wawa cashier
Ring-up my coffee
give me my change
her nails just scratched my palm
o my Wawa cashier

my third visit today
my third cup of coffee
I've already read this newspaper
and just to see my Wawa cashier

my Wawa cashier
so young, sweet and dear
maybe next year
with my Wawa cashier

walking in through the entrance
checking myself out on the video
I try not to glance towards
my Wawa cashier

another hoagie, another yummy cake pie
filling myself up with crap

Ill take a chance and die
just to see my Wawa cashier

I saw you walking in
you glanced up at the video monitor
but I knew you were thinking of me
at least 30 men a day come through
those doors and glance up at the monitor the way you do.
which one of you will sweep me off
my feet and place me in your white 4- wheel drive and get me out of here.
which one of you?
but none ever do.
your mixing your coffee behind me at the coffee counter.
all of you.
a crowd of testosterone.
mixing coffee
I felt your eyes on my legs and then on my buttocks, up my spine and finally my hair.
you were nice.
others simply grabbed my chest
or my rear or both
you came up to me
with your cup of coffee
85 cents
you gave me 20 dollars
as you looked down my Wawa blouse
I returned $9.15
later in the day I took your 10 dollars
from the register
and placed in my Wawa blouse.