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WASHINGTON (Reuters)Thursday October 12 2:07 PM ET Meteorite Offers Clues About Solar System Birth
     Quick thinking, some plastic bags and a nearby freezer have helped scientists preserve what they believe is a little piece of ancient stardust``The more pristine material of this type we can analyze, the better we will understand how our solar system formed and how the remnants of others came to be incorporated into it,'' and
Your shit wont stink!
Ancient Space Rock Holds New CluesPhilip Downey, NewsOct. 12, 2000
     A meteorite that plummeted to Earth in northern Canada earlier this year may be the most primitive and pristine fragment of the solar system scientists have ever examined. Researchers say it should aid them in determining the composition of our solar system in its earliest days." And
Your shit wont stink!

Meteorite May Answer Life Question
By PAUL RECERAP Science Writer 10/12/00 WASHINGTON (AP)
      A bus-sized meteorite that blazed to Earth in a spectacular fireball last January may have delivered to scientists the most pristine primordial matter ever recovered from space and could carry important new clues about the origin of life." and
Your shit wont stink!