The Poke'less society


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"I'm not a poke'ist"

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. I'm so distressed over what I see. day in and day out. the petty fighting, the arguing, the screaming, and yes the killings. over cards. these evil cards have seemed to take on a hypnotic greed over everyone. swarms of children franticly trading at school while the less-fortnights look on wishing they had some. and for what? parents calling parents and demanding more fair trades. adults hoping for quick riches. "maybe one day this card may be worth 75 cents. gee whiz I only paid 25 cents for it years ago" they really believe their worth something. they really believe they'll get rich from nothing. another hopeless dream fueled by false lies and misrepresentations of our media and our mentally ill system. "brutal capitalism" I have heard it called. and yes this sickness even infected me for awhile. thank the lord I survived it. as for the others I can only hope that one day they'll see the truth. followers following nothing. going over the cliff and falling to their death and never even felling the fall. its made us all numb. we cant feel anymore. we just want. more and more and for what-I don't know. another dollar another card. go to work and make a dollar. why not go to work and earn a card. were all slaves of our own greed. dollars, poke cards whatever. "all that shines isn't gold" and what about the paperless society? wouldn't we all be better off. and how about a poke'less society? wouldn't we be better off? "the paperless society." remember? Well, we failed at that one. but if we could try again. if we could start over. could we make a poke'less society? wouldn't we be better off? .